About Us

We opened the doors for business on May 5, 2003. We carry a good selection of quality running shoes. If you are not sure what specific shoe, or for that matter what type of shoe, would work best for you, we will take the time to understand your needs, your running style and your foot type, and we will help get you in a pair of shoes that are comfortable right out of the box. If you are comfortable on a treadmill, we like to do a quick video analysis to make sure we interpret your gait correctly so that we can recommend shoes that properly address your needs.

We have running apparel that performs well and looks great so that you’re running comfortably and looking good doing it. And we have lots of accessories. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll do our best to get it for you.

A little about me

My name is Trani Matthews. (Come visit me at the store some time, and I willtrani explain the derivation of my name. It is a bit involved to go into here.) I have enjoyed running virtually all my life, though I didn’t really get the bug till college. I run because I enjoy the act of running itself, and because I feel better physically and mentally when I’m running regularly. I consider myself very much a recreational runner, though I tend to be pretty competitive once I get out there. I enjoy racing pretty regularly and have run 12 marathons and many half marathons and shorter races.

My current running goals are to stay healthy, maintain consistency in my training, and see how close I can get to some of my recent PR times. Nothing new there.  I finally got my marathon PR under 3:15 at the 2010 RockNRoll San Antonio marathon and followed that up with an all-time PR at Boston of 3:12:02.  So now I’m wondering if it is too late to try and sneak in under 3:10 before all is said and done. How sweet would it be to set a new marathon PR at 58ish? Just call me an optimist!

And then there’s Philip…

Philip here – I’ve been working at Tulsa Runner since early 2004 when I started working for free gear and no paycheck. I hung around enough that Trani started paying me. I ran xc/track at Oral Roberts University where I graduated with a degree in finance after 7 years, no thanks to spending 6 years in the Marine Corps Reserve and deploying to Iraq a couple times. Currently I’m working full-time at Tulsa Runner and was the head boys cross country coach at Bishop Kelley for 7 years.

Hired Guns

Amy Shackleford

Amy is another IronMan triathlete. She is currently running (literally) her own Dog Running  Business but finds time to come in and help us occasionally – you can normally catch her getting our customers ready to run the Route 66 at the expo, working hard at Post Oak Lodge Challenge, and helping re-merchandise the store, keeping it all fresh and new.


Julie CourcierJulie TR

After working over 26 years in the corporate retail business, Julie decided to “retire” and start her own fitness studio. She hangs out here to support her running habit, and she plans on running a marathon in all 50 states. Her duties include, shoe-fitting, women’s apparel ordering, cleaning and along with Madie- testing Trani’s patience with rearranging the store and coming up with fun events for our customers.


Madie Vargasmaddie TR

Madie has been working at Tulsa Runner since 2013. She in love with distance trail running- you may see her at Turkey Mountain tearing up the trail with her hounds. Her favorite time of year is the fall because she absolutely loves the Route 66 expo; (and all Expos for that matter) – helping all those excited runners with their dreams of a perfect run!!!


Matt YoungMatt

Young Matt- oops- Matt Young started his career here in August 2015. He is currently #1 on the Jenks Cross Country Team. Matt is F.A.S.T. – he placed second at state and looking to get 1st next year. He is planning on running at the Oklahoma-Arkansas duel and Footlocker South this season. Although Matt has super speed, he is also great with our customers- he knows his running gear, so you can be sure to get good advice from him.


Cooper KennyCooper

Cooper started in late July 2015. He is a soccer player and a cross country athlete at Bishop Kelley. He is AWESOME with our customers and is always on top of things. Cooper is always very helpful when checking items in and putting them on shelves. We can always count on him to tell the customers in-depth detail about our products. Cooper has been an incredible addition to the Tulsa Runner crew!


Jarrett Sanders

Jarrett began working here this fall. You can find him in store during the weekend. He is a graduate from Broken Arrow high school and an elite member of the first BAXC team to place first at State. Later he went on to run for RSU. Jarrett is very kind to his customers and will do whatever needs to be done around the store. Jarrett had previous experience and expertise with footwear after working at Trade Homes at the mall. You can always see him with a smile on his face at work and with customers!


Carl StonesCarl

Steeplechase much? Carl does! He is in training to compete the Olympic Trial in this challenging event. Carl ran at TU during college. Around here besides getting everything on the top shelves for us- Carl helps customers find the right shoe for them, by listening to their needs and analyzing their stride.


Alex RowinAlex

Alex was the top runner in Oklahoma when he was in high school. He still holds the record for the old Holland Hall cross country course. Alex then went on to run at ORU. He is a master when it comes to shoes. You can find Alex in the store on Saturdays and Sundays. Also, you can find him counseling at Broken Arrow High School during the week. Alex is cool, friendly, and a very hard worker!